Egg Beaters for Body Builders

marco dapper
High Protein Breakfast 5 Minutes or Less One of the main challenges for many body builders is having enough time to prepare a breakfast that is low in fat, high in protein and simple to make. I am going to walk you through a very real breakfast option that you can make in five minutes [...]

Create a Goatee Style that Rocks!

muscle goatee
 Goatee Style   Have you ever seen a muscle dude sporting a goatee style that looks totally amazing, making you think – that’s wicked! A lot of guys who work out like to keep some type of facial hair. I certainly do. Let’s face it, facial hair, including goatees, can look sexy. But here is [...]

Botox for Guys What to Expect

Botox for Guys Have you recently started to notice fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and mouth, causing your to become concerned about your appearance? This topic comes up a lot in my Couples Counseling Chicago work. This discovery can be a bit scary, particularly if you have grown accustomed to others mentioning your youthful [...]

Free Weights vs Machines

machines vs. free weights

Do You like to Use Free Weights or Machines? A big time hot topic around my gym and among body building in general relates to the topic of free Weights vs machines. Guys that I know who lift regularly have very strong opinions about this. I thought it might be kind of interesting to create a post to […]